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Making Dry Fire Training Easy and Affordable

Elevate your skills to the next level using the caliber specific G-Sight Laser Training Series. Train virtually anywhere with the firearms you already own. Featuring a fire pin activated laser, receive instant visual feed back of your shots. G-Sights Laser Trainers present a hardened rubber primer, functioning much like a snap cap, ensuring the safety of your firing pin. Practice chambering, racking, tapping and malfunction drills, with the added ability of revamping dry firing into a clear bullet impact drill.  A key component of G-Sight Laser Trainers are two O-rings, establishing a more stable and accurate fire down the barrel of the firearm. The O-Rings can be removed if sizing issues arise, you are not limited to the customizable features your cartridge posses. Train like a pro with the companion G-Sight Laser Training Pro App now available. A revolutionary learning platform the G-Sight Laser Training Pro App records your shots allowing the shooter to drill more efficiently. Excel your capability, capacity and performance with the G-Sight Training Series.




Dry Fire Laser training allows shoots to practice continually while maintaining and improving their skills away from the range.


Range time is always a great time but ammo, and range fees can become costly. A session of dry fire laser training essentially pays for itself.


Improve your trigger control and build your confidence when pulling the trigger. Practice shooting and non-shooting drills in your own controlled environment.


LR626 / AG4 / 377

9mm, .380ACP, 40S&W, 45ACP,  223 REM, .38 Spec, 7.62x39mm

LR41 / AG3 /392

.44 Mag, .45 Long Colt

LR754, AG5, 394

7.62x51mm NATO

Each laser takes 3 batteries of their assigned battery type. Please watch the video featured to the right in order to see how to get started out of the package with your batteries.

Safety Tips and Guidelines

  • Clear the gun, magazines and any equipment you will be using of all live ammunition and secure it in another room or secured container.
  • Find a regular training area without distractions such as a garage or basement.
  • If you are dry fire training in your home be sure to let others in the home aware of your training.
  • Do not train at an interior wall that a bullet could pass through. Interior walls with an outer brick wall or stone fireplace are the preferred settings.
  • Never under any circumstances dry fire at people, pets, or anything of value.
  • Never dry fire if you are fatigued, distracted, or if your mind is preoccupied.
  • Dry fire with someone watching you, if you are a first-timer. Once you have a comfortable feel for technique, it is fine to practice on your own.
  • If you are interrupted, repeat all your safety checks.
  • Be cautious when going from live to dry fire back to live fire with your firearm.
  • Do not train while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Supervise children at all times if they are dry fire training or watching.
Laser Troubleshooting

Try these handy remedies before returning your laser.

(Laser Training Cartridges and Bore Sighters)

  1. Make sure all the batteries are inserted positive side first. All batteries must be facing the same direction. The batteries have a tendance to flip when inserted to be watchful when inserting them.
  2. You may need to replace the batteries.
  3. Check the package and cartridge. If they say IR, this means it is an infrared laser. This laser is not visible to the human eye.

(Laser Sights)

  1. Remove the plastic and re-insert the battery
  2. Check both switches (Cap / Wire Pressure Switch.)



O-Ring Maintenance / Troubleshooting
  • Apply oil/lube to o-rings to sustain lifespan
  • O-Rings are removable for fitment adjustment
    • Remove either front or back if action will not close or cartridge won’t camber correctly

RAND CLP can be purchased in our shop: https://www.g-sight.com/product/rand-clp-0-6-oz/



Be very observant loading batteries. Positive side inserted down into the module. The batteries flip easily so take note of how they sit once inside.

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