Hunt, Search, Track

The Brute Tracker Green Laser Illuminator is a versatile, rugged, low energy, highly visible target designator. With multiple applications for hunting, camping or search and rescue, illuminate your intended target with accuracy and confidence. The central knurled collar allows for quick and easy one handed complete control of the Brute Tracker laser’s focus. Adjust the laser beam to a wide diameter and illuminate any object in low light conditions, without the blinding spill of high power lumen flashlights. Alternatively, focus the beam for full illumination of the intended point of interest at 500 yards*. The Brute Tracker utilizes a Green Laser for ease of eyesight recognition and to avoid “night blindness”. Harness the latest in laser technology and light up the night with G-Sights Brute Tracker.


Keep Your Night Vision Intact

Switch from spot light to target designator quickly without alerting your prey or sacrificing visibility.

Reduce The Search and Proclaim Your Position

Deployable as a spot, sweeping or signal light, emit a highly visible laser beam for up to 1-3 miles**

Light The Way

Provides illumination completely suitable for night work with the least amount of eye adjustment.

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