Laser Training Pro

Mobile Application

The G-Sight Laser Training Pro Mobile Application takes dry-fire training to the next level. We have partnered with Guidance Sports to bring the most revolutionary free mobile application. Our cutting edge technology does not require any third party targets or software. Simply, set up virtually any target, calibrate, and begin training. When a session has been completed trainers can review each shot the continue training. Combined with your Laser Training Cartridge Generation II, the Laser Training Pro app allows you to safely train while perfecting the fundamentals of firearm training, shooting, and marksmanship. Be sure to download this amazing application for FREE on the App Store, and on Google Play.


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Click your specific store badge to download the Laser Training Pro App.


When you download the app you will see the G-Sight icon on your homepage (iPhone image).

Before you can start training you must read and agree that you will train safely at all times.

This is the Main Menu of the Laser Training Pro App. Press “Train” to get started.

Welcome to the Laser Training Pro Library. All users have access to the 10 Shot option for FREE! Unlock “Unlimited” mode for a reasonable cost of $4.99. Be sure to use the “Test” feature to calibrate your current set-up, the app will let you know if you are good to go.

This is the FREE 10 shot session. Fire 10 shots at your target and review all your hits. The app will automatically stop once 10 shots are registered. You can “Train Again” as many times, this is not limited.

Step up your skills and unlock “Unlimited” mode. You can fire as many shots as you please at your target. Review each shot and see your total grouping.



Our revolutionary mobile app allows you to train anywhere with virtually any target.


Most laser targeting systems are expensive and bulky. You do not need any specialized target just your mobile device.


Focus on perfecting your shot and trigger pull. Review all your shots and then start training again.


The app is designed for a wide variety of conditions and targets.

For best results:

  • Run a “Test Setup” before starting. It will let you know if there’s any potential issues with your setup.
  • Avoid bright light, especially sunlight on or near the target. If you see large patches of light reflecting off the target in your phone screen, you may encounter detection issues. 
  • Avoid using damaged targets. Creases on the target, or on the edges of the target may reflect light as well. 
  • Avoid shiny targets or shiny objects, especially tape, on the phone screen. 
  • Avoid constantly changing lighting such as shadows on the phone screen.
 Avoid shaking the phone/target while in a session.
    Phone should be placed within a yard of the target.

(Android Specific)

  • Under bright conditions, some targets that are mainly dark but have some white may interfere with detection. It is suggested to decrease the lighting when using such targets.
  • You can also try moving the phone back about a foot, even if the edges don’t match.
  • If the app does not respond, close it from the menu and try again.

Customer support:

Available in the USA only.