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G-Sight Updates its Logo and Brand Identity

GLENDORA, CA., March 27, 2018- G-Sight Solutions Inc., the recognized brand in laser solutions, unveiled the evolution of its brand identity, including a modernized and simplified update to its iconic G-Sight logo, G Icon, and a new look and feel for branded communications and experiences.

The ability to thrive in a digital age, as well as position G-Sight Solutions Inc. as a forward-thinking, laser solutions company, is fundamental to this change.

“We needed a fresh, modern look to our logo and icon,” said Jason Anguiano, director of sales and marketing. “We feel this will elevate our brand in an ever-changing digital world, yet still keep the core message that we are G-Sight.”

Designing a brand mark to work seamlessly across all digital platforms, retail channels and connected-devices, while preserving its dominance was key to the overall effort, which also includes the most comprehensive brand design for G-Sight Solutions.

The evolved brand identity will be rolled out to all G-Sight products, communications, and experiences, and across G-Sight Solutions beginning immediately.

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G-Sight Introduces New Shot Timer for The Laser Training Pro App

Increase your speed and accuracy with your mobile device.

G-Sight™, the revolutionary solution for dry fire training, is introducing its finest unlockable feature to the acclaimed Laser Training Pro App. The Shot Timer gives shooters a precise time and shot placement, allowing the shooter to focus on draw training in the home!

The app uses the camera on a mobile device such as a smartphone or iPad to pick up each laser hit on a target. The app works with virtually any non-reflective target and allows the shooter to train virtually anywhere. Simply aim the device’s camera at the target, calibrate, and train. Adjust the settings on the app, from the Number of Session to the Start Ready Time. The app gives audio cues such as: “Shooter Ready!”, “Stand By!”, then an audible beep will indicate when to shoot. When a session is completed the shooter can review each shot as well as the time by swiping left or right on the device. It is easy to begin a new session by hitting the Train Again button. It will save the previous settings or can be adjusted for a new scenario.

G-Sight™ has made dry fire training more easy and affordable, and now mobile. Train on go or at home with G-Sight’s innovative Laser Training Pro App and Laser Training Cartridges. No additional or specific targets are required.

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The 18 Best Pieces of New Gear We Saw at SHOT Show 2017

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G-Sight Laser Training Pro App Release Date

G-Sight Solutions has announced it’s official release date for the Laser Training Pro App. Users will be able to download the app for free and use their laser training cartridges with the app. The free version will consist of a 10 shot limit and the session will end. Users will be able to unlock 30 shot mode with an in app purchase (prices to be determined). The Shot Timer will also be available for in app purchase (prices to be determined) on launch day.

Train effectively and efficiently with the Laser Training Pro app with your own device. Combined with your G-Sight Laser Training Cartridges you can save money, time, and ammo with each training session. Stay tuned for release information on our Gen2 Cartridges to be released in March.

G-Sight Solutions and OpticsPlanet Team Up!

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06/29/16 For Immediate Release

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G-Sight Premium Bore Sights

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G-Sight Announces Partnership with Sportsman’s Guide

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06/29/16 For Immediate Release

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Training With Precision, So Practice Is Now Perfected

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01/13/16 For Immediate Release

G-Sight Looks To Shine With Pin-Point Accuracy

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01/13/2016 For Immediate Release

It’s Driving The Force Of Innovation

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01/13/2016 For Immediate Release

G-Sight Among 1,600 Exhibitors At The 2016 SHOT Show® In Las Vegas

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01/13/2016 For Immediate Release

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