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Since 2015, G-Sight Solutions has been a manufacturer of laser gun sights, laser bore sights, laser training cartridges, and laser illuminators. We have placed dry fire training systems at the forefront of our business for law enforcement and the shooting sports community. G-Sight continues to strive toward the pursuit of innovative training tools, to increase accuracy, safety, and overall shooter experience. It is our mission to provide an economical, high-value training system to the firearms community.

Build Fundamentals

Improve your trigger control and build your confidence when pulling the trigger. Practice shooting and non-shooting drills in your own controlled environment.

Most Affordable System Available To Date

Range time is always a great time but ammo, and range fees can become costly. A session of dry fire laser training essentially pays for itself.

Your home is your range

Dry fire laser training allows shoots to practice continually while maintaining and improving their skills away from the range.

Dry Fire Train With The Best, Most Affordable Training System In The Business.

“I have already saved around $200 in ammo costs due to all the practice I did at home in dry fire rather than at the range.” – Jed